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Published on: 01 September 2022


Ethan Lee

Ethan Lee

He is an entrepreneur and marketing specialist at LogoPro which is one of the best suppliers of corporate gifts & promotional products.

9 Best Promotional Items for Your Small Business

All growing businesses make an effort to promote their products and services. So as not to incur losses, companies should tap into effective advertising strategies. They can utilise social media, broadcast on the radio or pay for billboard ads. However, convincing customers and reminding them that your business exists require more than just brief advertising moments. You need promotional items that win customers over to your side.

The best promotional items make for great advertising tools. There is no limit to how frequently you can use them. They are typically products that excite both prospective and current customers. Budget-friendly and easy to distribute, here are 9 promotional products we highly recommend for your growing business:

#1 Personal Care Products

Healthy habits are not always on people's mind. In this pandemic era, we have all the more reason to watch out for our well-being and ensure we can go about our day to day. Business owners are making an effort to reduce the spread of illnesses and diseases with protective paraphernalia like face masks embossed with their logo, tissue packets, hand sanitizers and other self-care items.

#2 Keychains

The reason why keychains remain some of the best promo products around is that they are handy with a simple purpose. Once keys are attached to them, they can be seen anytime with every use. Promo items with logoed key chains facilitate subtle but constant exposure. From opening the house to turning on the car engine, customers will see them at almost every turn. Keychains do not take up space and advertisers can be more creative with the design if they want these promotional products to be a hit with their target audience.

#3 Bags

Tote bags, belt bags, string bags, eco bags and those little easy-to-carry containers never run out of style. They remain some of the more popular promotional products in the market and several businesses continue to gift their customers with such items. Studies show that nearly 40 percent of millennials between the age of 18 and 29 like to recycle bags especially when they go grocery shopping. With such a high level of interest in bags, especially the reusable ones, sending bags as corporate gifts to prospects and customers is a smart move for business owners. Bags are also useful in many ways and convenient to have around for any type of activity.

#4 Promotional Pens

Another perennial promotional item on every business owner's list is the pen. This classic item is an expected go-to among businesses operating on a limited advertising budget. Promotional pens are cheap and everyone of any age or profession has a use for them. You can also expect pens to be traded, borrowed or used over and over again. In fact, studies show that writing by hand increases the brain's understanding of words and thoughts. By handing out pens to potential and existing customers, you are actually doing them good service while also encouraging them to write by hand.

#5 Tumblers

Nowadays, people are always on the go. As they hustle day in and day out, they need to keep hydrated or drink a cup of coffee or sports drink to stay energised. Giving a tumbler as a corporate gift therefore makes sense. Not only can it carry more than the usual amount of water, coffee or beverage, but it is also eco-friendly and safer to use than water bottles. Tumblers also come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Customers would definitely find it exciting to receive one from your company.

#6 Promotional Mugs

While tumblers are great for individuals with busy lifestyles, if you are just relaxing at home or staying in your office, there is nothing better than sipping a cup of coffee in the morning from a comfortable mug. Billions of coffee cups are being consumed by people around the world. As a business owner, it would be strategic to tap into this preference. Make sure to add coffee mugs to your roster of promotional products. They are sure to be a hit with your target clientele.

#7 Mobile Accessories

People love spending time on their phones. In fact, if you present a mobile accessory as a corporate gift, they will be more than thankful for it. Headsets, chargers, phone casing,  stylus pens, a tripod and mobile phone dock mount, among others, will always find favour with any crowd.

#8 Printed t-shirt

Who does not love a good t-shirt? Moreso if it is given to you for absolutely no cost. We often see promo events where advertisers throw off t-shirts at an eager crowd. This is not surprising as t-shirts are useful and a nice reminder of certain events. According to previous research, more than 80 percent of recipients will remember an advertiser if they get a t-shirt from them. It is no wonder you see businesses, from restaurants to printing shops, getting custom tees for their own employees and selling some as merchandise for their customers.

#9 Home Items

Gifting simple home items to customers is a thoughtful move for advertisers. Kitchen products like aprons, measuring cups, custom tea towels, pizza cutter, pot holders or basic baking set, for instance, would delight homemakers and baking enthusiasts. You would surely win their support. And by frequently seeing your business name on the items they use, you will certainly be in their radar for when a need arises.

Find Promotional Items that Work Best with Your Business

Looking for affordable promotional items to get your business off the ground and spread more awareness about your products and services? Here at Logopro, we can help you find the right corporate gifts and promo products to successfully promote your business. Call us anytime for an obligation-free consultation. Or you can explore our website for items that are certified loved by customers.