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Published on: 26 August 2022


Ethan Lee

Ethan Lee

He is an entrepreneur and marketing specialist at LogoPro which is one of the best suppliers of corporate gifts & promotional products.

5 Tips to Help You Successfully Promote Your Business with Promotional Merchandise

Businesses expand and attract new customers through promotional activities. There are various ways you can advertise your business without spending a fortune. In the beginning, it may be difficult to see which method works best for you. Factors like your industry, the type of products or services you offer and your target audience need to be taken into consideration before you choose an approach. The use of promotional merchandise, however, is a tried-and-tested way of spreading the word about your business and attracting the right customers. Most promotional items are also affordable so entrepreneurs and companies of any size can work a reasonable budget around them.

Below we list down the ways promotional products Melbourne can help you successfully promote your business to your desired market segments:

#1 Keep it Simple but Functional

If you are a new business, promotional products are a great stepping stone to a better reputation. You have only just begun and would like people to know more about your company and what you offer. Since it is your first foray into the industry, your chosen merchandise should be simple yet functional. Small items like paper stands, calendars, planners, USB flash drives and pens, among others, are particularly useful in office settings. Start with promotional office supplies if you are not quite certain how to go about which promotional merchandise to buy for your target audiences.

Studies show that almost 90% of consumers still remember the companies that sent them promotional items, which usually stay within possession for approximately six months. If it is a functional and portable item that is easy to carry around anywhere, consumers do not only keep them but they also actually use them. The use could extend to a year or more or until the item stops working.

#2 Keep it Relevant

Make people remember your company through something that best represents you. IT firms often send corporate gifts that are related to their industry or the products they offer. You might receive a promotional headset or a promotional mouse from a recently launched tech store in your area. Rather than choosing promotional items that are completely irrelevant to your product or service offerings, choose products that represent your company and the industry you belong to. It is easier for potential customers to remember when they see your logo on an item that is relevant to your company.

#3 Send Corporate Gifts During Important Occasions

What is great about promotional products is that they can be given strategically. If you want to be remembered by old clients, attract new customers or establish a loyal customer base, always take note of special occasions and prepare corporate gifts for your target recipients. Sending promotional merchandise goes beyond your company's launching period. It is an ongoing process that ensures your company name is always on the radar of existing and potential customers.

Corporate gifts are also subtle without appearing too pushy. Recipients may see them as a simple greeting or a gentle reminder. There is no pressure to make an immediate response. One thing for sure, however, is that when a current or potential client sees your logo on the gifts you send regularly, you will be the first company on their mind when the need arises.

#4 Stick to Your Budget

While promotional products can work wonders for your business and take it to new heights, if you have yet to reach your goals, it is important to set a proper budget. How much are you willing to pay for items without sacrificing your business stability? Make sure you can allocate a budget specifically for promotional tools while also paying attention to other aspects of marketing. The good news is that this method is not as expensive as other types of marketing. As your company grows and you start getting a steady stream of clients, you can increase your budget and start giving out more sophisticated promotional items.

#5 Know Your Consumers

Customers always appreciate companies that anticipate their needs. Make sure to send promotional items that are useful to their day-to-day. Know the size of your audience too so you can prepare enough corporate gifts and would not fall short. If you are targetting different market segments that run the gamut from the youth to older generations, you can send custom merchandise instead of sending the same items for everyone.

Buy Promotional Products in Melbourne

Whether you are a start-up, a growing business or an established one, you need promotional merchandise to get your company name out there and attract the right kind of customers. Promotional products are worth the investment. They are budget-friendly and perfect for any occasion. Create more opportunities for your business and expand your marketing reach with quality promotional items from Logopro. Contact us today to enquire!